OK… Here is one for you…

Has anyone experienced FROST in the morning causing issues with the 900MHZ? On the connectorized I am wondering if the frost on the antenna itself is causing issues?? We have 2 customers using a parabolic dish that go down for a few hours every night and throught the morning and it seems to be when the frost is on.

Has anyone experienced this? I know not to many of you out on the west coast have since it stays warm there or in the southern states, but here in OHIO the FROST is in FULL swing!

900 MHz parabolic antenna?

What is the distance of the link?

1.22 miles shooting over top of a wooded area to tower.

Session Status REGISTERED
RSSI 1344 (-79 dBm)
Jitter 3
Air Delay 44 (approximately 1.22 miles (6468 feet))

The -79 is a reading in the morning when it goes up and down. In the afternoon it is -72.

For a 900 system with a high-gain dish, these numbers are pathetic. Unless you are going through a massive thick of trees and maybe some buildings, you should be getting numbers
way above this. Perhaps the dish is not polarized the same as your AP ?

m2inc has 14dBi and 17dBi yagis that can be polarized either way (just a matter of how you attach the mount) and with a 14dBi, I get better than -70dBm for subscribers who are 15 miles away from an AP (well, at least with horizontal polarization, and a 12dBi horizontal 900 sector from I’ve also used m2’s 17 combiners (two 17dBi yagis mounted side by side for a total 20dBi of gain) for particularly difficult shots with great success.

in any event, -79dBi should still work fine… you might have to disable 2X mode if the canopy system doesn’t do it automatically. but it should still work without going down. Did you seal up the N-connector? Is there possibly water in it? perhaps the signal goes further south from -79dBm when it goes down???

I have to agree with twinkletoes, you must have 1 very low output power on the radio or a bad cable or something else.

Looking at the jitter you must not have any building or trees in the way.

Your problem is not the weather!