FTP archive

If anyone has early versions of software (CNUT or whatever), or freeware tools that you think are worthy, please let me know where I can grab them and I will put them on a central FTP server.

The Canopy WISP Buyer’s Consortium (CWBC) will maintain it.

I find that netstumbler works well for seeing what is in the area for 2.4ghz 802.11x networks, lets you know channel and actual dBm ratings, good for checking possible tower areas.

I also use ethereal alot when tracking ’ finding wierd network problems, ex: icmp floods due to stupid igmp multicast packets, finding heavy spammers, ect…

Aaron Babitzke
MBSI Canada Ltd.

where can i send them to ? e-mail or ??



www.adventnet.com have many tools that we use, they allow you to use many of them for free with some restrictions…

To make this easier, I am going to create an FTP user on an incoming folder. Then I can move them to the appropriate folder.

I will PM you with the username and password.