Full IEEE 802.1Q


I would like to see with the next firmware release full IEEE 802.1Q functionality in the VLAN ability of Canopy. Right now I cannot get any Johnson Control Metasys ADX based products (specifically SECVT and NAE 55xx series) to communicate over a VLAN on my Canopy system (I am using 9.0, I have also tried on 8.2.4 and 8.2.7). I can communicate with these devices on hardwire managed switch network, but once it tries to go through Canopy, forget it. I have over 90 site that need this full 802.1Q fuctionality.

So, make it happen, fix it, what ever you have to do, add full fuctionality to 802.1Q!!

If you are not willing to then ok; my Canopy system is P9 and I thought of upgrading to Advantage P10…I will just take my $500K upgrade budget and shop elsewhere.

What configuration are you using on your network, your equipment, and what do you want to accomplish? Canopy has pretty decent VLAN support (excluding the CMMmicro).