Full Wipe Configuration Sync For R-Series Routers

When cnMaestro is syncing a configuration, it only replaces the specific settings it has in the configuration. So, other misc variables and settings may remain when upgrading firmware or changing to a different config. 

For example, if you change from a config with an outbound VoIP server, to one without, the outbound VoIP server remains.

Please, allow a process for a combined "factory default and re-sync". This does not need to happen every time, but it should be an option.

[This may pose some challenges if you are hosting on-site without a DNS server pointing cloud.cambiumnetworks.com to your on-site installation, but it would be very helpful for making sure complete configurations are installed.]

We use a config template with a full config which replaces all variables. 

So the office staff can switch from a voip template to a non-voip template and leave the ssid and password variables the same.   

Previously we just set the default sipserver address to be 1sipserver.ourcompany.com in the template and they copy/paste it into the field without the 1 and that would activate voip service. 

I think if a variable is written as blank, it will not overwrite the current value. I would have to check it. But further, there are variables (like call records) that seem to be stored in the config file. It would be nice to have the option for this to be fully cleared when re-provisioning a device.

We specify a default value in our config so if the value is blank, it reverts back to the default value

@raytaylor wrote:

We specify a default value in our config so if the value is blank, it reverts back to the default value

This works when all of the variables are consistent. Over the life of the product, there have been several changes leaving some orphaned values and support communication requesting "defaulting" the unit and re-configuring. This solution is a good one for a single firmware I think, but it does not hold when new variables and changes are introduced. 

Further, the expected method of provisioning via cnMaestro does not have provisions for the suggested method, it only changes what is listed in the config, so all other variables would have to be entered in the custom section. This is doable, but I'd like to see a method that fits their expected configuration process.