Full Wipe Configuration Sync For R-Series Routers

When cnMaestro is syncing a configuration, it only replaces the specific settings it has in the configuration. So, other misc variables and settings may remain when upgrading firmware or changing to a different config. 

For example, if you change from a config with an outbound VoIP server, to one without, the outbound VoIP server remains. Further, if a customer logs into a router making changes that somehow damage the performance of their system, this allows all changes to be overwritten and brought back to defaults.

Please, allow a process for a combined "factory default and re-sync". This does not need to happen every time, but it should be an option.

[This may pose some challenges if you are hosting on-site without a DNS server pointing cloud.cambiumnetworks.com to your on-site installation, but it would be very helpful for making sure complete configurations are installed.]