Funny: Mimosa C5

I hope this goes over well here, because I found the whole situation very funny, after I got over the irritation of wasting so much time on something that I can't in good conscience charge to the customer.

A customer has been complaining for a couple weeks that his internet is sporadic.  I finally get sent there, and 4 hours of testing eventually yields the answer: a projector plugged into the same power strip has been causing the Mimosa c5 to reboot every 6 minutes.  WTF?  After the projector was removed from the power strip, things would work fine for 7 minutes, and longer.

This customer has been put on several different types of gear in the last 3 years, as the infrastructure evolved.  His things have all been plugged into a power strip for this whole time ( I know, because I've done all of it). Cambium didn't care, Uibiquiti didn't care, but Mimosa?  Mimosa goes haywire.  Two different power supplies, and two different radios did the same thing, even with 90 feet of brand new Shireen with tracer grounded to the house's grounding rod.

I know I've seen plenty of things over the years that went wrong with Cambium, and Ubiquiti, but they could almost always be traced back to something that made sense.  This is just nuts.