Future BH upgrades

I know people are tired of this issue about ver 8 software. This is what I know.

Version 8 does not support software scheduling.
Motorola had a buy back program for all AP’s whitch we took advantage of.
All new SM’s will be shipped with ver 8 only.
All p7, p8, p9 SM’s support hardware scheduling but p7 and p8 will have less capability then p9.
Motorola suggest’s that BH’s not be upgraded past 7.1.4 because of colocation issues of same band BH’s
DiffServ capability isn’t until ver 7.2.9.
DiffServ gave me the biggest QOS improvements for VOIP on our Canopy system with 7.2.9 or 7.3.6 BH’s.(had to change bands on a few links)
Motorola will not have any more support for software scheduling.

This is what I dont know.

Why didn’t Mot offer an upgrade for BH’s or did I miss it?
Might it be possible to use a P9 BH master and a P8 slave and use CNUT to put the BH slave in hardware mode like an SM so you can upgrade to get the DiffServ capability?
Any other idea’s?