Generate diagnostic files instead of Screenshots

It would be useful a button that creates a sort of istant image of the device, with everything you need for the assistance part, to check all the parameters.
Each time you open a ticket and they wants a lot of screenshots of several pages (in some cases, you can not do one), it becomes difficult and expensive.
For example, Mikrotik has the creation of the supout.rif file that contains everything.

Could you not even provide this features?

Hi Mirko,

We are looking into this and you can today you can download tech supoort file from cnMaestro.

Unfortunately it is not fully optimized yet but we will fix that soon.

Thank you.

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Great that you are working on it.
But we do not use cnMaestro, it would be more useful if it were a feature into the device


Thank you for your feedback.

As soon as template will be finished for cnMaestro Texh File we will move it to UI as well.

I would like to propose you to try cnMaestro Cloud or on-premises version.

It will make your life easier as well.

Thank you.

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