Get ICC status on the AP using SNMP

I looked through the MIB file and couldn't find the entry for whether the ICC is enabled or disabled. We like to use only one ICC enabled on one AP at a time, but alas, our team sometimes forgets to turn them off.

I would like to create a display in our NMS that shows which APs have ICC enabled, so we can monitor this as we are adding subscribers and ensure the ICC is turned off after each new association.

I don't have any experience with SNMP traps either, is there a way to have the AP let the NMS know when ICC is enabled?



Anyone have any ideas? 


HI Kevin,

Please let me know the followings:

1. What is the software version running on the Radio?

2. Please let me know the name of the NMS software which you are using?

3. Have you added the Trap station IP in the SNMP configuration?

I believe that we can achive this  using Wireless Mnager software. However we need to check. So please provide us the above information to proceed further.


Vijay Gnanamurthy

1. We're using 13.1.3

2. PRTG (an older one...will be the newest version within a few weeks)

3. I have not done any Trap configuration. It seems that it will provide traps for session status (but not ICC status). I will look into PRTG documentation to see what I need to enable on its end.

I will experiment, but I am really looking for a way to determine if the installation color code has been left enabled longer than we need it to be.

If the APs report a new association, I guess we will know which one it associated to immediately.



installationColorCode OBJECT-TYPE
MAX-ACCESS read-write
STATUS current
"Installation Color Code. Allows non-configured SMs to register to an AP with UCC enabled
in order to facilitate remote provisioning."
::={whispBoxConfig 123}

I found this in WHISP-BOX-MIBV2-MIB.txt   I was looking in WHISP-APS-MIB.txt before hand. My fault. I've added this to my NMS, but the value shows as "4" and it doesn't change when I enable/disable the ICC. I'm using OID  What could I be missing?

In 13.4 (Build 7), there is an ICC indication in the Sessions Status page.

in 13.4 (Build 7) the OID of returns a value of 0 for "ICC disabled" and 1 for "ICC enabled".

Please use this OID instead of the one you have provided.

Thanks for the help-I got it working correctly. I see I was actually showing the current color code, not the status of the ICC.

I'm using 13.1.3 and it's working fine.

This has made the office very happy on a Friday!