Getting No Ethernet Link on my Canopy SMs


I have a problem with two SMs were the Ethernet connection is reporting “No Link”. I am not sure if this is the lockup problem others have reported.

They SMs are Advantage P9’s running 8.2.2 and the AP is an Advantage P10 running 8.2.2.

The SMs are being powered directly from Tropos routers and the router is reporting an ethernet connection ok.

I’ve tried numerous reboots and setting the ethernet speed on the SM to each setting individually.

Is the “No Link” status indicative of the lock up?
Would upgrading/downgrading help?


thewiz wrote:

Is the "No Link" status indicative of the lock up?
Would upgrading/downgrading help?

I don't think so.
In case of ethernet lookup with 8.2 and 8.2.1 releases I always experienced an error visible remotely (through the AP management) on the SM Event Log.
No link normally means that ethernet link is not detected by the SM. Are you sure about the cable?


I had a problem like this where the switch went bad. Although it claimed it was linked on the switch, the AP and BHs in question indicated no link. Either no traffic would pass or it would flow through at a painfully slow rate.

I’ve also ran across it once when the two couldn’t agree on a link speed so I forced it to 10FD.

I have ran into this before. I did not spend enough time on it to try to get it to work.

If you contact Tropos Support they can send you a PDF which contains wiring specifications specific to collocation with Canopy gear.

Something makes me think I was able to get the SM to detect a physical connection, and it was a matter of forcing the Tropos interface to 10 Mbps half duplex, and leaving the Canopy SM set to all speeds and duplexes.

However, I don’t think I was ever able to pass data or ping…

Try Tropos Support, they are very helpful.

I have been getting there error on 8.2 and 8.2.2 SMs, rebooting the SMs will resolve this problem also upgrading to 8.2.4 should resolve it.