Gigabit Negotiations of 450i and 450m when using Surge Supression

I have been having issues with the Cambium LPUs. I have 7 locations and Tried installing them to specs.

One on each side and I can only run 100Full hard set. I don't know why this is an issue for me. I have even tried a differant cable and no go.

If I remove the LPU closest to the AP I can pull 1000 full.

Sean - I moved your message to a new topic as it wasn't directly related to the other topic.

What are the radios you're trying to connect (model numbers)?  What surge supressors are you using with these?  Only the C000000L033A will allow Gigabit negotiation.  The radios must be left on "Auto Negotiation".  How long are the cable runs?

I am sure we can figure this out.

CMM3/4 are only 100mbit, if your not using CMM, any your having that issue, your LPU's probably aren't designed for gigabit canopy, the way canopies do their timing means they do their power differently, thats why you need a CMM5 or packetflux gigabit to get 1gbit lpu protection to my knowledge, don't think just any generatic lpu will work let alone 2 of them.

One of 2 runs are 190 feet. The other are 100-150 feet. I am using all Camium Cable and LPUs.

I thought there may have been an issue with our router but I also tried off my laptop.

I have 6 450i and the 450m which you supplied me with the LPUs.