Good Cat5e surge suppressors

What are some good cat5 surge supressors that are decently priced?

I looked around recently before buying another batch and could not find any better product for the price than the Motorola ones. What is nice about them is that they provide a wall mounting brcaket when you drill the hole for the CAT 5 cable.

can you use the normal canopy surge protectors on the OFDM 30/60M BHs

You cannot use the 300ss on the OFDM 30/60 or 150/300 BH’s. It’s a matter of voltage, the 300ss can handle 24volts and the OFDM needs between 36-60volts.

If you need a surge suppressor for them Transtector makes them.

I use the hyperlinktech 3-stage protectors on tower sites and for other commercial installations.

They are not cheap but they offer significantly more protection than what Motorola sells for the Canopy line. For me, it’s worth protecting other parts of the network. I’ve had lightning hit cable before, burn through the switch that the cable was plugged into, AND everything else plugged into the switch!!! Everything plugged into the switch had some kind of damage.

I’ve had no lightning problems with equipment behind the 3-stage protector. I’ve had no lightning problems with home PCs (or, more often, linksys routers) behind a Belkin F9H220-TVL. Belkin even offers a $75,000 protection warranty, and we plug the Canopy power supply into it, as well as the 24v powered ethernet. It also works fine with 48v devices. And it fits the budget for residential installs.

I second the Hyperlinktech surge suppressors.

We use the shielded indoor ones on our Canopy units.
We use the powered ones for some of our PoE Radios (the powered ones that I use do not appear to be compatible with the Canopy voltage scheme however)

Got a service call the other day that a customer had no internet. I logged into the AP and there was no RF connectivity to the tower. Rebooting the AP did not help.

The customer rebooted the SM, still no connection. The customer called me a couple minutes later and said he had discovered the problem. The building had a new roof put on and the roofing company “cut the cable”.

The next day we went to the roof and the cable was indeed cut about 5-7 feet away from the module. We had a 300SS installed. I went to the input jack (cable from the SM to the 300SS) and had a look at the connector. The copper at the very top of jack was BLACK. It is pretty hard to tell by looking, but it looks like it was definitely on the Ethernet pins…1,2,3,6. The module still received power through 4,5,7,8.

This short did not damage the Power Supply, but it did fry the unit. We went back to the roof and took the module of the dish, opened it up and took a wiff. Smelled like burnt electronics. What a shame.

I went back to our shop and got another SM, programmed it up and that was good to go. The customer had been renting the SM from me for $40.00/month. They will now be billed list price for the SM, plus the labor. Obviously they are going to pass the buck to the roofing company. I let them retain the SM and the blacked-out connector as proof of the roofer’s actions/consuquences of cutting the cable.