Good for 2-3 hours, then drops

Hello all,
I have a bunch of customers where they will register and have a great connection for 2-3 hours, then they will drop for anywhere from 2-15 minutes. A lot of the customers that are having this trouble, link tests show greated than 95%. I’m trying to narrow it down, but it seems like its access point specific, as it usually happens to all customers on a specific AP. Most of the AP’s that its happening on are 900mhz omnis. The customers do not all drop at the same time.

My first thought is interference, but I have one AP that is out in the middle of nowhere, and it doesn’t look like it sees any other AP’s, and the SpecAn is pretty clean.

Any ideas?

Does the AP lose GPS sync?

I agree with the sync. If there is no GPS, is this a remote AP?

Also, interference can be intermittent.

I’m in agreement with Vanilla and Jerry. Most of the time it’s a Sync issue. Also make sure the NTP time is set correctly. I’ve seen issue with the timing if the NTP time on an AP isn’t in Sync with the rest of the network.