Google Maps not loading.

I installed LinkPlanner but I do not get the google map tab like I did on my previous installation.

Are you running on Windows or OSX?

We don't support the embedded Google views on a Mac. See for more information.

If it's Windows, then you'll need to send your log files to To locate the log files on Windows:

- Click Start -> Run
- Enter "%APPDATA%\LINKPlanner" in the "Open" text box
- Send me all of the "cambium_linkplanner" log files

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Hi support .

i already sent the log file to you .

we got the same problem 


Wahid.Rahmanto<email removed>

Good day!

Sir/Ma'am, i already sent the logs regarding on this problem.

kindly contact me re this matter. thanks

Hi Adam,

Reply sent directly.

There may be a common issue with older versions of Internet Explorer and Google Maps. Please try updating to the latest version of IE and let us know if the problem is still there.