Google SAS Issue this morning?

Hey there,

I am still gathering information, and intend on submitting a ticket, but was curious if anyone else had some strange CBRS outages this morning?

Starting around 3 AM Pacific time, we started getting random AP’s going to unregistered state, with the following CBRS log entries;

10/15/2020 : 02:50:30 MST : Error data received from SAS : [“cbsdId”]
10/15/2020 : 02:50:30 MST : SAS Error : Unmatched certificate
10/15/2020 : 02:50:30 MST : CBSD with invalid ID, assuming deregistered.
10/15/2020 : 02:50:30 MST : Grant Information cleared
10/15/2020 : 02:50:50 MST : CBSD is marked for deregistration so discarding SM

Over the course of a few hours, this seemed to hit each of our AP’s, one or two at a time.

We seem to have been able to get them back to AUTHORIZED by manually de-registering/re-registering AP grants.

Anyone else have an issue this morning?

Yes, we also had an issue this AM at the same time and were on with the CBRS dev team working through it. It looks like it was an issue with customers using the Google SAS, but they are still working on the issue and going through all the debug laws that I submitted to them. This is an issue they are actively diagnosing and remedying.

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