Got some range on the XV2-2T

Was called out to “fix” a network in an event space. Arrived to find UniF–k directional WAPs rated for 2,000 sq/ft, trying to cover 27,000 sq/ft. EACH!

After removing the UniF–k WAP AC Mesh Pros… we put 2 XV2-2Ts on their masts. After all we needed to cover about 50,000 sq/ft.

Lit up like Christmas.

Anyways… time to walk back to the main building and fix the “network rack”.
By network rack I mean a small closet with all the crap that had piled up at this site over the years.

While my cohort was dressing the rack… I was still working on the router’s firewall and access control list. In order to be “out of his way” I was sitting maybe 7 ft away and using the wireless access point we mounted in the room.

My winbox suddenly disconnected. “Ugg that’s why you don’t do this on wireless…”
A few seconds later the program reconnected. Was right were I left off. So I went back to writing Nat rules for failover. Must have been around 10 minutes before I got to queues, and decided I needed a Map of the location I was at. Because we only were supposed to provide WiFi for the events space. I was wondering how the other areas might be used, as I tried to divide up bandwidth.

Maps came up a little slow. But it loaded. Made me curious. Looked down at the WiFi icon on my task bar. 1 bar. Slid back in my chair and looked up at the XV2-21x above my head.


“What the hell am I connected too… wait a second…”
Logged into the local interface of the XV2-2T on the right side of the DJ Booth. Showed my laptop and phone connected to it… about 1000 feet away!

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Spend so much money to have a range of 300 meters?
The e502 device from Cambum has a range of 742 meters, the e510 from Cambium has a range of 350 meters, and the 7660LR from Grandstream has a range of 564 meters. And the prices of all of them are, if not half, then much cheaper than the model you describe.

Actually… It was more the need for coverage at about 45 meters in 360 degrees for 5Ghz point of sales devices.

I never planned for it to go clear to the barn. We were there to get the event space up and running. The fact that I connected at all at that distance was a “We have never seen that before.”

Alas… most of our jobs are in Washington D.C. Where there is no where we could get 100 Meters away, without going through a few buildings. Forget about the number of competing wireless access points.

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