Got this Motorola board in mail?

So i got a board from Motorola in the mail today with one ethernet connection on it.
The board is about 2" by 3" and it says MT WD-6 E217290 Motorola on it.
It also says:
"Warning - Do Not Use Board When Cable is Plugged Into PIDU"

Also says: “Drop Cable Tester” on the back of it.

Does anyone know what this is? I don’t remember sending away for anything.

That is a cable tester for the PTP series equipment

How do I use it?

when you make the cable for ptp(preferebly stp with metal rj45) there are some recomended resistances depending on the cable distance, you need multimeter.
Its just to verify a well done stp cable.

You either did the following:

Ordered it from the Motorola Support website free of charge

One of your suppliers requested it on your behalf because you asked some dumb questions somewhere along the line!

We personally test the cables with a fluke DTX before connection as this also tests cable performance and shield easily and provides a report. However this is a handy thing to have around for more in-depth testing especiallay if you think you have a faulty ODU or something like that.