GoZone St Petersburg Wi-Fi Project

GoZone in St. Petersburg, Florida enables local residents and visitors to have free access to Cambium Networks' cnPilot wi-fi, while corporate sponsors receive digital advertising opportunities.

“We are committed to working toward pervasive, accessible wi-fi access for everyone; regardless of your income or economic status,” said Todd Myers, CEO of GoZone.

Myers worked closely with Barbara Voglewede, executive director of the EBDA, to bring his vision of a connected community to life.

“The value of offering free wi-fi to our district visitors is tremendous. It enhances their experience here, increasing their dwell time, and even providing an easily accessible, more eco-friendly platform to learn about our unique district features and heritage,” added Voglewede.

Read the Smart Cities World article HERE.

Read the GoZone press release HERE.

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Happy #Worldwifiday 2019. Check out the case study on the GoZone deployment in the St. Petersburg EDGE district at https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/resource/gozone-transforms-businesses-and-the-community-in-st-petersburg-florida/