GPS Aware Spectrum Analyzer

When the SA is run on a device using GPS sync it should only listen for RF during the same time slots that the GPS synced device would be listening for RF.  If this was the case then my SA results would not see my other synced APs  since my AP should not be seeing my other synced APs . I don't know why I would want the SA showing me RF that my AP can not actually see.

If the SA was GPS aware then it would be easy to quickly find any GPS synced APs that are not syncing correctly. It would also be possibly to quickly figure out if a subscriber radio from another AP is interfering.   Currently I don't see how the SA is even useful on a GPS synced AP when the results are  completely over powered by the neighboring APs.

I don't know how to Kudo an idea, but this is a +1 Kudo.  BRubble1 is correct - if the Spectrum Analyzer isnt GPS aware, then it's not really an effective tool to plan around self interference.

A similar idea can be found here:

This has a secondary benefit in high noise environments; it lets me tell sync'd noise from unsync'd noise.  If the entire spectrum is blocked, I'm much better off broadcasting where the sync'd noise is located.

At the same time, this would give me a way to test to see how well our Cambium equipment synchronises with our competitors' non-Cambium products.  Tweak the settings, rung a listen-only spectrum.  Continue until the noise in the listen-only spectrum goes away.