HELLO, my EPMP 1000 gps every day a problem, many failures of synchronization , only work for my good the 1000 EPMP force 10/100 , my question is whether we can buy more equipment ap without GPS or GPS- only everything is ? us after more than 100 installed EPMP decided to return to ubiquiti if there EPMP 1000, without GPS or limit ap 10 , user, these force 110 are the only thing that works well for us .

Hi Jose,

First of all I would like to mention that it 's never been a problem to solve issue with GPS sync.
You should find reason why AP lose GPS sync.

Please follow next steps:
1. Verify how many satellites are tracked and visible on your APs. Please use external GPS antenna in case only several satellites are visible and less than 3 are tracked.
2. Verify GPS FW is up-to-date on your APs.
3. If external GPS antenna is used try to switch it off. Sometimes strong interference may cause GPS sync failure when external GPS antenna is used.

Please let me know if you need my support with this:

Then, every ePMP AP has GPS chip.
GPS provides next advantages:
1. Frequencies reuse can be used in Wireless network.
2. Co-location mode with Canopy PMP 100.

Then, you can use Internal sync source on your APs in case you do not use Frequencies Reuse option.

Also please note that every ePMP SM can be used in AP mode, but it can be that it will provide lower throughput.

Thank you.

Hi , we use external GPS antenna , and the equipment leaves off, the option is not available , teams are hung and it is not possible to reach them by radio, single cable lan , the tower at 50km from home, more than 2 trips the same day , each new day version firware , new problem , cambium before a new version must be sure that everything went well , the truth that high-frequency field like mine , the result is not as expected, makes over a year that started cambium , and I can not say that only an EPMP 1000 without gps been the only satisfaction a EPMP 1000 with gps 650 € for these problems do not see , with that rocket ride in June . I want to know if EPMP 1000 without GPS will be available , with GPS have already decided that it is not the solution we expect.


Could you please tell what Firmware version is used on your network today?

Please use new 3.0 Release which is available there:

We do not have critical known issues which looks like your description.

Thank you.

Hello , and install version 3.0. located 12 GPS equipment , and the equipment is visible 8. unable to resolve dns or cnmaestro , or network ping, and not know what else to try . the team lost ping, change frequency , nor solve , is not attainable within network.


Sounds like you need live help. Can you please contact our support engineers? They can be reached at