GPS Firmware Details Missing


I have one ePMP GPS Sync'd AP that is not displaying the details of the GPS firmware. Where all 5 other AP's show the firmware version and whther or not it is up to date, this one states, "Version Not Available." This was happeniing with ver. 2.5.1 and is still an issue with ver. 2.6 (was hoping an upgrade would solve this). The upload/upgrade field is no longer available as well. I've also noticed that the GPS Sync is listed as Down. 

Any idea how to fix this?




Can you please try power cycling the radio? Not reboot, but physically disconnect power and power it on again. If the GPS still does not become operational, then please contact support to RMA the radio. 



I will try that the next time I am up there. I appreciate the response and will post back up with whether or not that works.