GPS firmware displays Not Available

Issue: When GPS Firmware Version under Tools >> Software Upgrade displays Not Available as shown in figure below:

What it means: This message means that the GPS chip has locked up and is no longer communicating with the main processor.

Solution: The following are steps that needs to be take into consideration to resolve this issue:

Step 1: Perform a Power cycle:

Radio must be power cycled, i.e. power should be removed from the radio and reapplied once. This will reset the on-board GPS chip and restore communication of the GPS chip to the main processor.

Step 2: If the GPS Firmware Version displays AXN_1.51_2801, navigate to Tools > Software Upgrade page. 

Step 3: Under the GPS Firmware when an GPS Firmware Upgrade is available an Upgrade Option will appear on the UI section. Select the same package used to upgrade the device’s firmware ex: ePMP-GPS_Synced-v3.0.1.tar.gz or version 3.0.

Step 4: Click the Upgrade button.

Step 5: The upgrade can take up to 3 minutes. Once the upgrade is done, the radio’s UI prompts for a reboot and the reboot button will be highlighted.

Step 6: Click the Reboot button on the top right corner of the UI. 

Step 7: Once the radio has completed its reboot process, check Tools >> Software Upgrade to ensure that the GPS Firmware Version displays AXN_1.51_2838 as shown below: