GPS got off in epmp1000AP


  I have a problem with one anteena in my secotor that suddenaly it start getting  GPS SYNC goes off, which lead to lose user connectivity i can solve this as to check this anteena will be very hard physicaly ..any suggestion by disable and use another alternative will be good ..pls advice

If you're not using frequency re-use or GPS sync between sectors, you can switch the schedular to 'Flexible' which will allow it to operate without GPS.

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If GPS signal is intermittently dropping off and coming back after some time, you could try increasing the Synchronization Holdoff Time (default is 30secs). The Synchronization Holdoff Time is the amount of time the AP will continue transmitting even if it has lost GPS signal. If the interruptions in the GPS signal the AP is seeing are short, increasing this timer will help to keep the links up. The AP must be tracking at least 4 satellites to maintain accurate synchronization.

You should also verify your APs are running the latest GPS chip firmware.