GPS Loss and no event

Hi Guys/Gals,

Would just like to point out that we have 2 ePMP2000's that have had there GPS cables pecked through by the birds and cnMaestro never alerted us that the GPS went offline.

Should cnMaestro be alerting us that the GPS went offline or is that something that will need to be added?


Hi Chris,

Yes there should be events as GPS changes states and an alarm raised when synchonization is lost.

Do you any Alarms are Events related to GPS for those 2 specific devices?  The alarm description should be something like "GPS Sync state changed to No Synchronization".  If you have fixed the cables they may be in the Alarm History tab now.

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I think found the problem, we did not have GPS sync enabled at the time but the GPS was connected.

Even though we were no using GPS sync it would be great if it logged when its "disconnected" from the unit.

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