GPS problems?

Anyone experience the following?

Have a 6 AP cluster powered by CMMmicro.
Software rel 6.1
CMM 2.11

With each AP configured for sync generated from ‘Power Port’ one SM registers as it should. The second will not. On any AP. Have to set sync at ‘generate sync’ (no sync) and the second one then registers though does not perform consistently. Tried different SMs, different config settings, color code combinations, all to no avail.

Any suggestions?


Today we had that same issue and found that if the GPS antenna has anything above it you will have sync loss. We have a couple of them mounted on towers that had antennas above them and were causing the sync loss and when we would reset the APs only 1SM would come back.

This is were we also found that SMs were connecting to other APs that were in the same Color Code and Freq.