GPS Restart Count Climbing.... NEED HELP...

I have several towers and in the last few days, on the GPS Status page, the GPS restart counts have started climbing… On one AP, the GPS Restart count was 2967 after 1 day and 7 hours. On another, it was 20200 after 3 days and 2 hours. On another it was 30455 after 4 days and 1 hour. On another it was 160 after 21 hours. And after restarting one this afternoon, it was already up to 5 within 3 minutes. Any suggestions??? One of these towers has a brand new CMM Micro, another has a newer CMM gen 2 just put on them yesterday, because we thought the panel was bad…



Do you see a pattern where the CMMs with the high GPS Restarts also show fewer satellites in view than the CMMs not having problems?

The problem CMMs may simply have marginal signal strength – trees, buildings, interference from other RF sources, longer antenna cable, poor connectors, etc. – and they’ve been pushed past their limits by recent solar activity. The earth’s magnetic activity was at “storm” levels this past Sunday, disturbed by the solar wind. The activity, however, quieted yesterday and today.

If possible, experiment by moving the GPS antenna or swap out a CMM and test it somewhere with a different antenna and cable, a better view of the sky, and away from other RF transmitters.

I have replaced 2 CMM’s yesterday and still getting the same issue on the towers. Also, on one of the CMM’s was a NEW GPS Becon, new GPS cable. Brand new equipment all together on the CMM Micro. I’ve had other towers with all original equipment do the same thing today also.

Interesting problem. i just had a look at two of my CMM’s - one a Gen2, the other a micro. Both were showing 9 satellites this morning, now both only show 6. Still synced though. Are there a few stellites falling in your backyard?

Strange indeed.


I’m tracking 8 as of 8:52 AM EST on a legacy CMM.

I’m still sitting at 6 this morning. I swear mine have been tracking 8 and 9 since they went in. Weird.


Tracking 8 sats here in Northern Michigan, same as always (+/- 1). No firey wrechage on the horizion…

Are you in the Chicago area? We had another customer call about the same thing. They lost all their GPS on all their towers at the same time. I havent seen any logs from them so I dont know how accurate the “all at the same time” comment was.

I am the same person that has sent you 3 different emails with attachments, but everytime you say you can’t receive any attachments from me… However, I can sent to someone else on the network or to someone on the yahoo network…

Had 2 towers do the same today at random times, and 3 towers at random times yesterday… All of the sudden the GPS will start doing restarts and the restart count will climb… Error log says…

File C:/ISIPPC/pssppc.250/bsps/devices/whisp/rf.c : Line 2250 Acquired GPS Sync Pulse.
File C:/ISIPPC/pssppc.250/bsps/devices/whisp/rf.c : Line 2331 Loss of GPS Sync Pulse.


I’m a different person than the one you sent 3 different emails with attachments to :? . I will send you an offline email…

Just for information our CMM micro has the following stats here in California.
31 days uptime, 8 satellites visible, 7 Tracked, 0 Restarts.