GPS Status issue


We are experiencing a slight problem according to the Canopy literature and would like input on if we have a problem or not.

We are using a CMM Micro and have our AP’s connected to it. According to the literature, The CMM Micro will show us data with respect to the GPS Synch which we are seeing. The literature also states that the AP will get its Synch information from the CMM Micro, however when we view the GPS Synch info screen on the AP, we are seeing nothing. The AP’s are set to receive sync from power port. In addition the literature claims that the AP’s connected to a CMM with GPS will takes its time (GMT) from the CMM which also in our case is not happening.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance


I believe I read somewhere (may have been in the CMM PDF) that if using a CMM Micro, the only place that GPS status can be viewed is through the web server of the CMM itself, and not on an individual module basis.

As far as the time, the CMM Micro should be getting it from the GPS, and I think you can configure the CMM Micro as an NTP server for the modules connected to it. I have no experience (yet, should soon) with the CMM Micro, but I did read the literature awhile ago.

Are you experiencing any interference issues that you think would be caused by the Micro not functioning properly?

For the CMM Micro you cannot get GPS status from the AP’s, exept from the CMM micro web page.

And time can be updated by putting the IP address of the CMM micro as the NTP server on the AP. ( date and time ) config.