GPS Sync and freq. reuse designs, narrower beamwidths

Everywhere I look at, Cambium ePMP's GPS sync and frequency reuse implementation is always described based on a 4 sectors design.

I would like to know if there is anything that prevents us from implementing such features on a 6x60°, 8x45° or 12x30° design, using just 3, 4 or 6 channels, respectivelly. UBNT 5AC seems to work fine with that...

Also, would beamforming antenna still provide significant gains on such narrower beamwidths?


Abab is just the most common, you can run any combination you want. 12 APs on 6 channels will work just fine. If you can do the model, you can run abc on each tower and sync similar to how the cell carriers do. The beamsteering is still useful when its needed for noise on 30 degree sectors up to 90/120

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We find using a narrower sector is better than using the beam steering antenna.

We have deployments of 24 sectors working well. The general rule is to only reuse channels on opposite facing sectors (or atleast as far away from each other other as possible) you can however use very close frequencies on sectors facing the same way (5mhz) apart