GPS Sync down after attempted upgrade

We're trying to bring up a tower with three ePMP 2000 sync APs. They came with old firmware and GPS 3_10. I upgraded two of the three, but it never rebooted itself. After uploading, it just sat, so I had to reboot both of them via SSH. On the third and final one, I tried the same, though I didn't wait as long after the radio started just sitting there. After the reboot, no GPS at all. The Software Upgrade page has no box to enter the file into, just "GPS firmware is up to date" without identifying it. And the home page says GPS Sync Down. I even reloaded the basic firmware 3.5.6 again just in case.

So problem 1: How do I get the GPS back?

Problem 2: How do I get it to actually work? I was updating it because it simply would not work right. If I had the two back to back APs on the same frequency, the SMs disconnected after seconds or at most minutes. On both sides of the tower, they're set to GPS, same timing (2.5 ms. 75/25), one front one back, collocation off (I had it on for a while before finding out it was not for pure ePMP sites). But the connections only stayed up if I used different frequencies. The radios are up about 90 feet, feeding Antel triband sectors. Not exactly back to back (supposed to be 160 degrees apart), but not overlapping.



Could you please try to upgrade FW version to and check whether GPS FW upgrade option is available?

We have introduced few improvements which should cover this case.

Thank you.

I upgraded to (Only one bank so far, but it's the active one. Playing it safe.) I then power cycled. The Force 180 and 200 SMs came right back on. But the GPS is still missing.

One bug to note, though. The Downlink RSSI on the AP's Monitor Wireless page is broken. Instead of showing the RSSI, it's showing a value that looks like the downlink SNR. Have somebody take a look at that. That value is rather important, given that we have to determine if a link is adequate or not on 5 GHz.