GPS Sync for Dasiy Chained PTP650 Links

I have an installation of 4 PTP650 links dasiy chained into one long hop .  This gives me three sites that have PTP650 units colocated back to back.  do i need to sync these two back to back units at each site?  What is "Best Practices" for syncing multiple links dasiy chained into one long hop?

Well, that's an interesting question.

At the three intermediate sites you need to make sure that the two back-to-back ODUs do not interfere with each other. There are two ways to do this:

- You can arrange for high isolation between the two collocated ODUs, through using directional antennas, different (not adjacent) channels, and by spacing the antennas well apart on the tower. We could work through some calculations with you.

- Alternatively, you could use TDD Sync to achieve the same objective with fewer design constraints, at the additional cost of four PTP-SYNC units and four GPS receivers.

If you decide to use TDD Sync, we can talk about where to locate the TDD Master ODUs and thus where to locate the  PTP-SYNC units.