GPS Sync not found

I installed the packflux sync at my third site yesterday. I worked for a couple hours, but no matter what I did the Cambium AP (450i 900mhz) would not recognize a sync pulse. I tried 2 different packetflux sync injectors. I verified the cables were all good. I verified that the syncbox was getting a gps signal. 

On the previous 2 sites, I just plugged the cambium into the packflux power injector, switched the AP to autosync, and it detected the pulse right away. 

Have any of you run into the AP not detecting a pulse ? I only have one AP at this site, so I couldn't test whether it was the AP or not. 



Hi Elton,

Since it is working on 2 other locations, I am assuming the configuration is fine on the AP on which you are facing this issue. It could be a faulty AP.


Could you please share the engineering logs from the AP to and we will raise ticket for the same.


Hardik Patel

Is that the event log or the CNUT file?