GPS sync problem between CMMmicro and AP/SM

Can anyone help on this problem I am suffering?

CMMmicro GPS status is normal: can tracked 7 satellites, 3D-fix, which set
Master. Unfortuantely, AP attach to it GPS status is abnormal. No satellites
tracked. And No GPS time set. CMMmicro version is 2.0.8 and AP version is 7.2.9. AP is set to Receive sync from powered port. It can receiving sync, but no satellites and GPS time seen on AP.

Use the latest software for your CMMmicro (2.1.3). You will get a NTP server inside the CMM. If your AP is synced to the CMM (it receives sync over the Power port), it is fine. At the AP GPS status page you will see just ‘Receiving Sync’ status message, all other fields remain zero. This is normal. Other GPS related information you’ll find on the CMM’s pages.
The info on the AP will be available if you use the CMM2 together with second cable connected to the Timing Port as this is a serial connection.

Thats normal case with cmm micro, thats by design.

just check if yr ap is able to get the sync. If it does then all is well.

If u need to see all the details on AP then u need to go for the other CMM.



One more question,

How about GPS status and system time on AP if I upgrade CMMmicro to 2.1.3 ? – NTP server in CMMmicro ? New release feature ?
Is the event time in AP log retrieved from GPS time? Or just AP system time itself ?

Yes, you’ll get NTP server in the CMMmicro, so you can configure every AP to get the time&date from there. The Event log will use this time&date also. It’s in UTC. The time will be always the same on all AP’s and SM’s and it’s very quick and easy setup.