GPS Sync Radio vs Conectorized Radio

Hi, I would like to know if the Conectorized radio has the same performance as the GPS Sync Radio operating in Flexible Mode?

Does it has the same CPU?

Can it handle the same number of subscribers?

Is there another difference besides the GPS Sync and the Gigabit Eternet Port?



Great question and you almost answered it yourself. Just to clarify, there are three types of radios: Connectorized GPS Sync’d radio, Integrated Unsync’d radio and Connectorized Unsync’d radio. The Integrated Unsync’d and Connectorized Unsync’d have the same guts except the former comes with an integrated 13dBi patch antenna.

There is not a lot of difference in CPU capacity even though the GPS Sync’d and Unsync’d radio use different processors. Both radio types can handle up to 120 subscribers.

One other difference is that the Unsync’d radio comes with two Fast Ethernet ports. (The second port will be enabled in Release 2.3 so you can plug in an accessory like a PoE camera).