GPS Sync Radios

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Simple question. The ePMP GPS Sync Connectorized Lite and the ePMP GPS Sync Connectorized (regular) are basically the same radio, same voltage, same everything, except for the fact that you can't load more than x amount of customers right? I'm looking to replace a UBNT PTP link and was wondering if this was going to work for me.

Also do both ends have to be GPS sync or no?



Yes, they are all the exact same hardware - just different software license features.

How this actually came about was - there was initially just the PTP version, and there was the full AP version, and that was all. Then Cambium got requests from their customers to be able to take that PTP version (since it was the same hardware anyways) and to be able to connect more than one client to it. So, they added and AP mode to the PTP versions (because Cambium folks are kind and wise) and limited it to 10 clients, and call it the ‘lite’ AP. You can then license it up to full later if you need to go past 10.

For us, we usually just buy a PTP anyway… they are about the same price and you get a dish antenna with them. You Dan set that dish antenna as side to use anywhere/anywhen and the radio part is the exact same as a lite AP - so basically you get a free dish that way.

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That's awesome @ninedd 

So this has a gps receiver as well then I'm assuming. I wasn't even thinking about that. I thought it would just be some dumbed down version without any sort of GPS.

All of these guys work well on netonix switches in 24v or 48v right?



The GPS units work fine on 24v (netonix or otherwise) for short cable runs.  Long cable runs will require 48v.

If the voltage is 22v or less at the radio it won't power up.