GPS Sync

Okay looking into adding sectors on a pop that currently uses an omni antenna. currently one other wisp in the area that uses 900MHz and they were here first so we worked around their frequency’s, my question is can we use 2 180 degree sectors on the same frequency and not have any issues if we use gps sync? not really understanding how that works but someone said that could work but if one radio sees both sectors then it could cause some issues, can anyone confirm this? we were looking into offloading with a 2.4 GHz setup but air is too cluttered same with 5.8GHz and 5.2 just wont go the distance we need so we would like to be able to slap up another ap and panel antenna and be done with it. Thanks in advance


You will have problems at the points were you can hear both aps if you use the same freq on both aps use two freqs and it will work just fine

You should have gps on all Canopy equip. Hopefully your competitor is using gps as well. Using the same freq @ 180 degrees (front to back) should not be a problem.