GPS timing between ePMP units w/o CMM

Is there a way to get connectorized units to use GPS timing with other AP’s that are co-located on the same tower without the use of a CMM?

The connectorized (GPS Synchronized) units have an onboard GPS chip. You can set each AP to receive sync from this GPS chip under Configure—>Radio—>Synchronization. This will allow all APs that are co-located to use the same GPS timing.

How many Access Points we can sync using this kind of method…? Can this be comparable to sync using CMM4…? How can we compare reliability of this solution compared with CMM4 Sync in percentage.?

When the APs are set to receive sync from their onboard GPS chip (you can connect a Cambium supported GPS antenna to improve reception), all the APs are receiving timing from the same satellite(s). There is no difference between this method and using a CMM4 when it comes to providing accurate timing. However, CMM4 does provide PoE for the APs whereas in the original method, the APs have to be individually powered using the power injectors included in the box.