gps won't track after upgrade to 2.6.1

I recently upgraded one of my 5Ghz APs to 2.6.1 and when it rebooted it asked me to upgrade the on_board GPS firmware. I used the same file and did the upgrade. When it upgraded it said the radio was off and the GPS icon was red. 

It now takes up to 10 minutes for it to track enough satelites to enable the transmitter.  The antenna is atuck to the side of a KP antenna radio box facing south. I have never had this issue before.

After 20 minutes it says 10 viable and 4 tracked.

i wonder if for some reason its trying to use the internal GPS antenna, have you tried to hard power cycle it?  

I didn't know it had an "Internal" antenna. It obviously won't be able to see anything  if it's inside a metal box at the bottom of a KP omni. 

Any way, yes I remotely powere cycled it. Came up for a minute and went away.

they've got a small internal one too.   as long as they are not covered and its reallllly open sky they can work off of the tiny one inside.... but almost anything in the way and its not going to happen. 

that sucks!!!!    we've updated over 100 gps radios without any trouble so far  

Hi Isaac, 

Can you please post a screenshot of the Monitor->GPS page? I'm intereseted in seeing the SNR levels of the satellites.