Groups of SMs re-reg'ing together

I'm having some strange issues affecting many, though not all APs. Groups of SMs get an authen-reset and the re-reg together. Some APs get one or two of these events a day, some get dozens and the same SMs are not always grouped together, though the re-regs usually happen in groups of 2 - 4.

Signals and SNR are good and there is no obvious time patern.

Running 15.1.3 on all APs and SMs.

Barry, are you using GPS Sync on all these, and if so are all co-located unis using the same sync source? I've been seeing this sort of thing lately, and it seems to show up only at sites where there is a mix of sync sources, or a site which is close enough to allow interference with a site running on either a mix of sync sources, or a different kind of source than the other tower.

I'd be curious to know if your sync situation was similar or different...

My similar thread was:

The issue looks similar, all of our APs use packetflux sync injectors, except the 450m which are using Aux port Jr though none are visible from this particular AP.

This site has 6 APs so 4 on one sync injector and 2 on the second. That may be an issue as we are only seing the issue since we upgraded last week from having 3 APs all on the same sync injector.

I guess I'll raise this with packetflux also.

This issue was traced to base stations acquiring sync via power port since v15.1.3

Changing to a timing port sync source (cambium sync vs canopy sync) has resolved the issue in all cases.

The issue occured with both CMM and packet flux power port canopy sync sources.




We are seeing this issue cropping up on our sites that are pulling sync via power port, all base stations are tied to a cmm4 sync source. Do you have a ticket or reference number with Cambium we can update our ticket with? Started noticing this on 15.1.5, but has degraded further on 15.2. Been trying to isolate the cause for a few weeks and luckily came across this post.

Is there an update on getting the issue with the power port resolved?

Still have an ongoing ticket open with Cambium support; downgrading the APs to 15.1.2 seems to resolve the issue but would like to get back on the newer code base. 

Are you experiencing similar issues, and if so have a open ticket?