Guest Access - Internal Access Point Logo Not Working e410

I am a NOOB.  But I got the router working close to how I want it, at least for this first installation. I created the WAN.  Now I am in guest access - Internal Access Point.  The page works to allow clickthrough.  Good.  The redirection works perfect.  So it is usable.....

In the Guest Access Tab.  I have configured a logo and a background image.  When I access the WAN from my devices, and begin the click through process, the images do not show up.  They only show an error loading image problem tiny icon.  I have whitelisted the urls of the images, the images themselves are whitelisted too.  I have tried http instead of http.  No luck.  I dont know what else to try.  How do I get the logo image and background image working on the clickthrough?  Any ideas?

Can you provide a techsupport from the AP, we will replicate the same and see what's the issue here. You will find the "Download Tech Support" option under "Operations" in the device UI.

I will send you my email ID in a separate message.

Thank you,