"Guest Access only as fallback" - using MAC Authentication ONLY (Is this possible?)

Hi There,

I have a small deployment for my office In South AFrica.

2 x E410 units for now. (both controlled through CNMaestro)

I have setup the following:

  • Wpa2 personal
  • Access control - MAC Authentication

I want to Have a Guest portal when MAC Authentication fails on device.

However, I do not have radius or any other authentication servers, Can I use Local Guest OR CnMaestro Guest Portal?

I have tried and I cannot get it to work?



Hi Wes,

You can use the cnMestro Guest Portal with or without MAC Authentication but this will have to be a seperate SSID.

If you use fails to connect to the WPA2 Personal SSID, they will have to manually select the fallback SSID.

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

The local DB mac-authentication will not work for fallback case. We do have a cnMaestro Association ACL which can be used for the same. Just use the mac-authentication policy as cnMaestro in the WLAN configuration and then have a cnMaestro or onboard guest portal for fallback. This should work for you and will not require any external RADIUS server, etc .Onboard guest portal on the device has a localĀ  Guest Account option which we can use it for single common user-name password for all your guest clients if you prefer that way.



Thank you for this Solution.

However i was looking for a solution under the same SSID.

I see @kunal_solanki below has given me the solution I was seeking!

Thank again.

Thank you for this,

I will give it a go and revert.


Evening Kunal,

I have setup the devices via CNMaestro as suggested and I have the follwing issues:

1) ACL list set to default ALLOW,

- ANY Mac can connect

2) ACL list set default BLOCK,

- All Mac on the list is forced to Guest Login.

Please can you DM me so you can take a look at my setup?