Guest Access Portal - Login always fails


I set up a Guest Access Portal via cnMaestro. I enabled free access and vouchers. I can do everything in cnMaestro: Generate vouchers, customize the splash page, etc.

If I select the Guest Portal Wifi I get the splash page with the options "Vouchers" and "Free". But whenever I try to connect I get the message "Login Failure :failed".

I have no idea why this happens and if/how I can check what's going on.

Any idea what is wrong and how I can enable access?

5 months ago I had the cnMaestro issue, that I wasn't able to onboard more device (currently 4). The support helped me with resetting some ID or my account. Could it be, that there's still something wrong with my account?

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Hi Can you Pleae invite me to access your account so that I can debug the issue   . You can do this by clicking on Application----Users----Invite Cambium Support 

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just invited you. Thanks for your help.

You are using cloud version of cnMaestro right ?

Yes, I do.

Just seen that there's also a downloadable version ;-)

I did not recieve the invite yet , Can you please invite

Sorry, my bad. Typo in the address. Just resend the invitation.

I tested on Android mobile for Vouchers and Free login . It worked fine for me . Can you let me know on which client/os version you were facing issue 

Basically with every device I tried. iPhones, several Android devices, Win10.

All with the same result.

As soon as I click the login button I get the "Login failure: failed" error.

Could the Firewall be an issue? Blocked ports? Can I test something for you?

Thanks für your support.

Can you please take a screenshot from any of your mobile devices where you see this error, send me the screenshot via private message

We are able to reproduce the problem on our device too, will let you know once we fix the issue.



I sent you explaining the problem via private message.

Problem is solved. Special characters like german Umlauts in the SSID caused the issue.

Thanks for the great support.




Thanks for sharing.

We will fix the special character issue on our next update to cnMaestro.