Guest Access Portal redirect

I have a question about the Guest Access Portal. It is possible to redirect clients to a port splash page besides 443?

There are 2 possible protocols HTTP & HTTPS.

I’m using this with the cnMaestro option; however, I assume there is still no difference?

No, cnmaestro redirecting to the cloud. It will always 443 :slight_smile:

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Part of the issue I’m having is it seems that everything runs through one url and one port. Once the client successfully logs in through the Guest Portal, they will still have access to port 443 on the cnMaestro server (OnPrem), which means they can theoretically access the Management url. So I’m not sure how to separate the Portal services from the rest of cnMaestro, or if there even is a way.

Make a special VLAN for guest clients. Set up a rule to block access from VLAN guest to VLAN where cnMaestro is.
After logging in, customers should theoretically be cut off;)


As you are using CnMaestro based capative portal, for getting captive portal splash page client needs to have reachability to CnMaestro, so client will be able to access CnMaestro management also and it is running in port 443 as you know. We will look to support this requirement in upcoming release.

If you use Internal/External hotspot, then we can segregate CnMaestro management and guest client traffic by using different vlan’s for them.


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I appreciate all the responses. That clears it up for me. Thanks!