Guest Access Portal Splash Page

Will/are we be able to use a custom page instead of the page builder that is included with Maestro for the Guest Access Portal?

Do you mean the default template that we show with background like airport, beach , coffee shop etc ?

You can upload your custom logo, background image and the styling from our guest portal page. We give all the options to do so.


I want disable https on portal splash page on cnMastro, how to do?

No I was refering to just using a custom page of our own design, and not using the template you provide. 

can you give the pixel size of the background and the logo


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There is no option to disable https on portal splash page of Cnmaestro . Splash page will always be runnning on https 


  Our recommended resolutions for background and logos are 1024 X 768 px and 40 X 40 px respectively. If the resolution is smaller in case of background , the image will be stretched to fit.  We don't restrict image upload based on resolutions but file size should be less than 5 mb. 




How can i remove the LOGO?

Hi,  Currently we can only replace existing logos, But can't remove existing logo. I will take this as an enhancement request. 

If you don't want a logo and currently see a border on the splash page design page, you can set the logo to a transparent png to make it go away.

For example, you can go to this website (, set the opacity to 0 and download the png file. Set this as the logo in the splash page.


anyway of making splash page load from with in a server? it will not have a internet hookup.