Guest Access Portal - voucher usage history


My configuration: CNMaestro cloud, 900 users(students using smartphones), Guest Access Portal, Personal vouchers for users.

I log network traffic on Mikrotik (FIN and SYN connection flags).I need login history to identify users: Voucher, login timer and MAC address.

Logs from the last 7 days according to the instructions are in the location Quest portal-name-sessions-client login events  and I have to manually export them weekly, which is troublesom.

I plan to switch to the On Premises version. Are customer login events also stored in this version for 7 days, or can this be extended?? If so, is there a way to automatically download this information in the On Premises version

I have forwarded this to our support and development teams.

I have the same problem on the on premises version, in the meantime you develop this feature is it possible to access this logs via linux shell to schedule export?


on premises also comes with same 7 days of information storage, no option to export the log events. will take up with our PLM team.

hi, in the meantime can you tell me where are these data stored? in file or database? and in the second case credentials to access it

thank you

Hi, have you a solution for this issue, data need to be stored permanently.

Unfortunately I do not have