Guest Access with all Access Control Type- Not redirected to guest portal with websites with HSTS

While guest access is configured with any of the available options( Free,Paid or Voucher) , any site with HSTS(HTTP Strict Transport Security) protocal does not redirect url to the guest portal. HSTS  protocal does not allow to add this exception to any browser for that specific website. HTTPs initiated Re-direction for HSTS (additional web security) enabled sites like and won’t work (the symptom is end user will not get login page). For HTTP or non HSTS enabled sites like BBC.COM  or  and  redirection works. This is expected observation.Because of internet security issue more and more websites opting for HSTS security. In general, captive portal redirection won’t work when redirection is triggered with HTTPs. Now, I want to know from our esteemed community members- what kind of steps they have adopted while putting such controller based Wi-Fi system for public places like hospitality stablishments,shopping mall, market place etc. Is there any possibility to overcome this kind of restrictions without compromising any security issues with websites.

I havn't heard for a long time on my topic. I hope everyone could understand my point. Has anyone implemented guest portal till date with social login in public places. 

Were you able to find a resolution to this?

Currently having a similar issue using the Easy Pass portal

same problem. but no solutions…