Guest Access with OTP


Is it possible using CNPilot for Free Wifi (Guest Access) with OTP on mobile.

No, this is currently not supported natively on cnMaestro-cnPilot, we plan to add support for it later in the year.

In the interim if you have a third party captive portal provider that supports OTP to mobile, the cnPilot AP will interoperate with it (set the captive portal on cnPIlot to external hosting, and add them to the whitelist: users will be redirected to teh providers page to sign up for authentication and cnPilot can authenticate the user to their RADIUS server which will then validate the OTP).

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is this option with 3rd party solution is still only possible, or there is some changes on cnMaestro side?


Yes as of now cnMaestro based Guest Portal supports a couple of SMS gateways like Twilio, SMS Country, SMS Gupshup and Victory Link SMS.

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