Guest portal max instances cnMaestro on-premises

We use it for small villages as hotspot with e510.

We need central logging and custom spalsh screen for each village.

When I made next GP it's say only four GP per server, but I don't see why.

Why is Guest portal limited only to four instances per server?

It's about hardware or software?

The free version of cnMaestro limits the number of guests portals that can be created. CnMaestro Pro will allow a larger number of guests portals.

One option for you currently is to enable MSP (managed service provider) mode. Each village can be a separate sub-account and the portal limits will be applied per sub-account. Note that while MSP is currently available to all, it is also a cnMaestro Pro feature.

having 4 guest access policies on cnMaestro meets  most of our customer deployment. 

The alternative solution can be, making use of Managed Service Provider (MSP) feature which is avaiable in 1.6.3-r19 image. Here is the flow for achieving the requirment,

1. assume that you have 10 villages 

2. create managed account for each village 

3. manage aps from respective village under managed account created for each village 

4. under each managed account creat guest access policy for each village 

the above 4 steps shall meet the requirment