GUI access Problem

Dear sirs,

I have problem to access GUI interface from my mobile using chrome browser, it returns the following error message “ Browser not supported. Please use the latest version of Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer. Your current version number is “crios 90.0.4430”, minimum expected version - “crios N/A”.”

Could you please advise me how I can fix it.

Kind regards

This isnt a problem with the GUI, its a problem with your device. Older firmwares (and some devices that can not run newer firmwares) do not support the extensions needed by newer browsers. Some browsers have backports that allow the newer extensions to operate but your version may not. All you can try is to clear your browser cache, update your phones firmware to use newer versions of your browser, use a different browser, use a different device. If your device had no problems before then I suggest ensuring you have it fully up to date including your applications.

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