GUI wireless Interface IP wrong

So since the beginning of time and on every radio brand/type we have ever used we have done PPPoE on the radio and it has, for the most part, been pain free for 14’ish years.

Since long before ePMP we have been able to log into a radio and quickly determine if the radio has a PPPoE connection right on the home page of the radio. Until recently this was even true on ePMP.

Wireless IP Address :
No wireless IP means the radio did not have PPPoE connection


Wireless IP Address:

PPPoE is connected or wireless would not have an IP !

Now even if the radio does not have a PPPoE connection the "Wireless IP Address: " field display an IP anyway… it could be the last IP the wireless interface actually had or… if you just rebooted the radio It always has an address now even when it doesn’t have an address.

So now just one more piece of information that may or may not be true on the GUI and you have use Monitor - Network to see if the PPPoE is “Connected” or “Connecting” … I guess only time will tell if this is reliable.

I was hoping it was just a bug in 4.4.3 and it would be fixed up to now and it’s still doing it.