Guide to move non-Prizm network to Prizm managed network?

Is there an actual step by step guide to migrating a CURRENT Canopy network to Prizm 2.0 managed network?

The user manual is really not helpful at all in this regard.
Most of it is a jumble of setting up Prizm and migrating CNUT/BAM along with menu option descriptions.

How do we take a cluster with clients on it and get them integrated with Prizm 2.0 with the least amount of disruption/pain.

first start out by defining a network. Make sure you’re comunity string, password, and accessing subnet are set right. I had more trouble trying to import a cnut file then anything. I discovered the BH network first. In CNUT you are told to set up the order from you’re computer out in the order of the modules so it won’t strand any radios. Prizm has to have them master first then slave. So lets say you are connected to a BH slave that feed’s a master then cmm ap’s and so on. Prizm will put the master first then slave cmm ap. Anyway once you have the bh’s discovered. Tell prizm to accept and manage them. Choose to reboot units. Next discover the AP’s. accept and manage the ones you want. If you have sm auto discover enabled when the ap’s are accepted it will discover the sm’s assigned to it and they will show up under discovered elements. finally accept and manage them. For the most part prizm will set up the order they go in but you might have to help out a little. all that must be done under network elements. That’s vary basic but hope it helps.